M. Christina Benson, M.D., D.L.F.A.P.A


I am a board certified psychiatrist and psychoanalyst in private practice in the mid-Wilshire neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. I offer comprehensive outpatient psychiatric services for young, middle-aged, and older adults but not the elderly. Trained in psychotherapy, psychoanalysis and psychopharmacology, I use a range of approaches as they are needed in helping adults who are experiencing emotional or mental difficulties.

Treatment Services

I offer psychotherapeutic services in conjunction with medication management of my own patients. I utilize both long and short term therapeutic approaches depending on the needs of the individual. I see many couples, at times for many years and at times in shorter frameworks. As an analyst, of course I am trained to see individuals with neurotic and character disorders more intensively and for longer duration.

Entering Treatment

If you are considering entering treatment, you might have circumstances that are acutely overwhelming, chronic problems that may be non-specific yet still produce an ongoing strain, or a problem that has been diagnosed and treated before. In assessing what is bothering you, the psychodynamic psychotherapist seeks to understand the deeper meaning and roots of the issues. The job of therapy is for me to get to know you, and for you to get to know yourself more in greater depth.

"Dr. Benson’s practice is subtle and skillful. As a patient, you often do not realize you are actively working on something, rather feel that you are talking to a trusted friend or family member. And yet, over time, you see your circumstances steadily improve and feel strength in the face of life’s challenges.”
Testimonial volunteered by a patient of five years.